GYMX has compiled a few tips to assist you in succeeding at your fitness regime!

Determine and write down your fitness goals, so you are more likely to achieve them.
Avoid making goals such as “….. I want to lose weight…..”
Be specific.
Be realistic.
You will then be more likely to achieve and maintain them long term.

Plan your workouts.
Plan your weeks.
This will create accountability and you will also be able to track your results over time.
Don’t be afraid to reassess you goals.

Fitness improvements occur over time.
So, it makes sense that taking prolonged breaks between workouts will hinder these improvements. Inconsistent workouts will reduce momentum and decrease the possibility of successfully reaching your fitness goals.
Make fitness a habit.
Do your best to perform workouts consistently throughout the week.

A warm up and cool down should be done with every workout.
Warm-ups are designed to increase the body temperature and elevate the heart rate, preparing the body for exercise and should last approx. 5-10 minutes.
Cool-downs are performed to stretch the body which increases flexibility and decreases muscle soreness.

Keep your fitness routine fresh by trying new workouts.
Using a variety of exercises will help to confuse the muscles and avoid a plateau and boredom.
Try a circuit, tweak your weight training program or adjust your cardio routine to include some high intensity work!

It is important to provide your body adequate time to rest and recover.
This allows the body to adapt to the stress of exercise, replenish energy stores and repair any damaged tissue. Finding the right balance of exercise and recovery can prove to be very beneficial to training.
Recovery is just as important as exercise!

Let’s face it. If you’re not having fun, you’re less likely to stay committed.
Participate in some group training or an exercise class, try training with a partner or add the element of competition by entering a local fitness/sporting event such as fun run, or short course triathlon.